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As the Chewnoodle was born out of necessity my wife and I had for our boys. The same is now true for the Chewbar. In our journey to help improve our boy's health, we put our entire family on a gluten and sugar-free diet. We immediately saw vast improvements in their cognition, behavior, and overall health.  As we looked to alternative snack bars to fit in their diets we were surprised by how limited the options were.  Although gluten-free bars are abundant they all seem to have cane sugar.  The negative effects of cane sugar to adults and children are well documented.  In addition, we saw how cane sugar affected our boy’s. 

This is how the Chewbar was born. We formulated a plant-based gluten-free/sugar-free bar with all-natural ingredients. There is no cane sugar in the Chewbar, all the sweeteners come from natural sources.  The Chewbar is also really yummy. Our kids love it and so do we!

We know you and your family will love the Chewbar just as much as we do. 

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