The Chewnoodle is "attached at all times.....Thank you for the Chewnoodle!"


"Hi Mr. Bala,

We had tried several chewies with our son before we came across Chewnoodle.

Once he got his hands or should I say mouth on the Chewnoodle we have never gone back... he loves them. It is attached at all times! We literally order them as gifts for Christmas and his birthday.

Thank you for the Chewnoodle!"

--Alan Platsky

"Thanks for making something wonderful for our kids...."


".....My daughter Marissa, 12 years old, non-verbal autism, has been using Chewnoodles for a very long time. They have spared many shirts from her nibbles....

By the way, I’m enthusiastic about the pendant. School had been tying string into a loop and attaching the Chewnoodle to it. I had them stop, since a string tied around a kid’s neck is courting disaster. The breakaway lanyard is a great idea. 

Thanks for making something wonderful for our kids."


Jeff Olken

"The Chewnoodle has been a life changer for us....."


"The Chewnoodle has been a life changer for us!! My 3 year old son, Tristan, has Down Syndrome and is nonverbal.  He also has some pretty strong sensory issues...mostly oral.  He was putting EVERYTHING in his mouth and biting out of frustration and for sensory input.  

He now ALWAYS has a Chew Noodle in his mouth and no more biting..... they work for us! "

--Vicki Jarboe

Testimonials on our newest product, the Chewnoodle Pendant, will be here soon....

"I'm excited to hear that you are offering another product at Chewnoodle. I would love the opportunity for my son to try the Chewnoodle Pendant in exchange for our honest review/feedback. Please consider sending my son one...we would greatly appreciate the opportunity! Thank you for the Chewnoodle!"

--Alan Platsky